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Year 1924,  there lived a farmer who owned acres of barren land.  He desired to be the biggest corn farmer in Town.  One day he was talking to his friend and his friend asked did you buy the seeds?  Next day farmer bought corn seeds and stacked up in his barn.  Couples of weeks later he met his friend again and proudly said I have sacks full of seeds in my barn.   Friend asked did you plant them ?  The farmer promptly returned and planted seeds and waited for the corn to grow.  But nothing happened, few seeds sprouted but died sooner.  He was extremely upset with his friend’s advice because he had invested his life saving and his desire to be the biggest corn farmer had died down too.  During the Christmas he made a visit to his friend’s house and chastised his friend for the horrible advice.  The friend asked did you till the land? Did you mix fertilizers before sowing? Did you water the land after planting? Did you protect the shoots when they sprouted?

Fellow toastmasters many a time we join TM club with a deep intent to become a BETTER SPEAKER but don’t participate.  When you don’t participate regularly you are like the seeds in the barn.  When you don’t practice, you are like the farmer who did not till the land.  When you don’t take up mentoring you are no better than the  famer who did not fertilize the land.  And when you don’t learn from the feedback you are like the farmer who did not water the land.  And when you don’t use the feedback judiciously you are like the farmer who did not build barn around his farm.



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