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I went out to FIND a friend
But did not find one there:
I went out TO BE a friend
And friends were EVERYWHERE…….

It was an experience to conduct an English speaking class for Blue collar professionals.   And it was indeed an experience since I learnt more about relationships and the human  mind set.

The participants somehow somewhere believed that they were shackled and this feeling probably cropped up since they have been passing through struggles and hardship.  Their struggle has shackled their thinking.   And it is not their choice but as human we develop habits when we continue to do an activity for the next 21 days whereas this groups thinking has been shackled within the four walls for the past five years, ten years and few of them for the past two decades.  So what can unshackle their thinking ?

I suppose its…listening, guidance and more than anything else the motivation and vision to see beyond to help them break away from those mental shackles.  They all had the willing spirit to excel but for the little nudge, little push, a vision and regular reminder that they too can achieve their dreams.   IT was indeed an experience and I thank them for the experience.

Watch them in action and watch them in action three months later when they would have stepped out of their four walls……..

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