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CompWhenever I ask what will enhance your performance?  Among many answers I get is “Practice, Practice and Practice.”   Having said that some time you participate in a club meeting and you are hit by a bolt of lightning and “wow”  why did I not think of that?

Well my answer to the above question would also include “TOUGHER COMPETITION.”   And this is no guess but tested and proven response.  When you have the TOUGH competition, somehow you perform better than what you had ever dreamt of performing.   It’s like you had that reserve presence of mind, reserved stamina or hidden insight that was taken out of closet to resonate your performance many fold.

Next time you want to deliver a PROJECT SPEECH, a TABLE TOPIC or an EVALUATION; think of attracting the best performers for the spot of contest.  And then RECORD your performance, I am certain you would be amazed and say “IS THAT ME?” 


Digerati Toastmasters Club,  a “DTM”  club held its 15th meeting at Traders Hotel on Friday 23rd of September 2011.  The theme of the day was          “The Art of Saying NO”

What did the 15th meeting reflect?

  1. Strong, passionate participation by the members.
  2. Brilliant pre and during meeting performance by the TMOD 
  3. “4” project speakers.
  4. Creative Table topics attempted by prolific Table Topic speakers.
  5. An educational session by Division governor DTM Balaji
  6. A special Trophy for the best role play and the 1st recipient of the maiden trophy was to DTM Balaji for the educational session.

WATCH AND ENJOY the sneak view of the meeting….

How do you react when the club participation drops?   I suppose there are two things you can do, # 1 is to cry, complain and curse.    And 2nd thing you can do is strive to make the club attractive because people are attracted to attractive people, attractive events  and attractive places.

When Division – J, District – 79 felt that they need a boost in Toastmasters activities participation, they adopted the 2nd principal and organized a Debate contest among the clubs.  It created a flutter in the club activities and participation.  As a TM standing on the platform on the day of train departure, I could see  Toastmasters getting on the train and creating a buzz.  The train was full and when the journey ended, the Facebook and the email boxes were full too with recognition, congratulations and accolades to the winner and participants.

A great job well done Division – J; District 79 Toastmasters for becoming more attractive.

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