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ConeestContest season is in full swing.   And every contest requires three types of Tribes – Contestants, Judges and Audience wherein every tribe has a specific role play.  Now I have been judging and Chief Judging contests and would like to share bits and pieces on Chief Judging as follows

  1. Request the organizer if they expect any special deliverable from the Chief Judge.  And if not define your deliverable – winners list of 3 or more. Agree and clarify on Target speaker, Table Topics, Judges, Tally counters and Timers – who, when, what and how?
  2. Advise Division Governor to ensure that none of the Division Contestants contest from more than one area in the same contest.
  3. For Table Topics or Evaluation ensure clip mike does not move out of the contest hall.
  4. Ensure that Table Topic and Evaluation contestants are moved out in an isolated room minus their cell phones
  5. If Table topic or Evaluation contestant wants to visit wash room ensure they do it before the Table Topic is announced or first evaluator begins speaking.
  6. Ensure that SAA (for clip mike) does not engage in conversation with Table Topic speaker other than clip mike fixing/testing.
  7. Ensure that Target speaker for evaluation contest is from outside the contestants club, Area or Division.
  8. For Evaluation Contest sign the blank sheet and give it to contestant to craft their evaluation.

The above are simple steps and common wisdom that sometime miss our attention.  Hence take care to avoid protests.  Good luck and happy contesting. 

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