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I am told that Bollywood new release “Bodyguard” shattered previous records of box office first day collection.  The Friends of Yoga toastmasters meetings are not about Bollywood or movie “Bodyguard” but Communication and Leadership skills that guards your body of life.

 I mentioned “Bodyguard” because our fellow Toastmaster Hanif Khatri was most kind to provide audio CDs’ of “Bodyguard”as gifts to the winners and the participants during the 245th FOY Toastmasters meeting held on Friday Sept. 2, 2011; and resultant participation response was as successful as the first day collection of “Bodyguard” screening in Dubai. 

The theme of the day was Ask the experienced rather than the learned’   seven practical tips for short cut to success. Enjoy watching the clip of the meeting and watch the next FULL movie on Sept. 9, 2011 @ Dr. Shankers Clinic @ 8:00 in the morning.



June Friday 24, 2011 : This is a momentous event when the current Excom is discharged of their brilliant services rendered for the past year and induction of new Excom who is expected to serve the club during the new year. The change of hand is momentous because there are expectations from the club members upon the Excom and their are expectations and aspirations from the new Excom.  And the two expectations have to meet and exceed during the new tenure.

Watch the new Excom being inducted at Friends of Yoga Toastmasters.

Wishing the new Excom all the best for the new years 2011 – 2012

95% of the Toastmasters clubs claim they lack balance.  What they mean to convey is that they lack women membership and that their clubs are predominantly male. How would you react if I tell you that FOY toastmasters is conducting an all women’s meeting right from the word go to Z.

FOY Toastmasters conducted an all women’s meeting on March 25, 2011 wherein every role other than that of the President’s and round robin session was performed by women. It was perhaps the first time in the history of FOY Toastmasters club meetings that men experienced the power of women.

Enjoy Watching the cheer leaders…………….

  1. Sabestian: A  leader who can walk the talk with  humour whenever and wherever.
  2. Pramod: A symbol of perseverance and  a risk taker
  3. Aseem: Artistic, Bubbly the potential district champion.
  4. Abdul Rehman: You are the founder  President of FOY TM and a Master of the art of converting guests to membership. Every club desires one Abdul Rehman.
  5. Vijay Kumar: sharp, practical an asset for any team.  Just do it
  6. Shanmugam: Tenacious, articulate and a leader. A bundle of tricks and treats.
  7. Hanif : A fighter, an inferno within, inspiration to all; I always look forward to your life stories.
  8. Kailash : You are  the like best seller book, motivating……. nothing is impossible and never say die.
  9. Murugesh: Your dexterity to create humour week after week is applaudable, members look upto you for the impeccable use of language and wisdom.  Hard but soft within, the mark of a gentleman.
  10. Jijie:  Your hunger to spread the benefits of Toastmasters and the 2011 resolution to spread yoga benefits are commendable. You touch lives wherever you go.
  11. Sayed: Cool, calm and a friend. Your dedication and  sincerity is commendable.
  12. Abdul Kalam: Your name reminds me of the Past President of India  Abdul Kalam.  But the similarity does not end here because you have the volcano of talent hidden within you,  let it erupt.
  13. Gautam: You surprise me with your talent.  A multitalented personality and still hungry. You inspire others to take more.
  14. Leo:  I always go with few words of wisdom than reading a book.  Your deliveries are always rich with wisdom and inspire us.
  15. Dr Madhu: Your presence makes  the difference.  We look forward to your surprise home cooked dish in the club meeting in early 2011
  16. Dr Shankar: You have  touched hearts of FOY and fellow toastmasters.  Your Greatest pleasure is in giving and sharing.
  17. Haroon: You may have shifted to Fujairah but your smile will always endears us.  Gentleman to the heart.  Still remember your touching speeches.
  18. Lisbela:  the rising star
  19. Alex: like father like son. Bright and sunny
  20. Bentick: On the driving seat , get your license
  21. Don:  Passionate & committed, Your love of swiss inspires me to take a journey
  22. Paul Bhaskaran: The energy bar, always ready to go, go and conquer.
  23. Krishna kumar:  You know what you need in life, 8th wonder of the FOY club, eager to go.
  24. Shanil: humble and tall by any yardstick
  25. Srinivasa :  Strong within; focussed and practical. You see your target upfront and clear
  26. Mohd  Syed: Pleasure, delight and experience  to listen
  27. Mohan: the hidden artist we never knew.  We need you around and we need you more.
  28. Ankush: Tall, handsome and bright; tracking your Arabic speaking skills in 2011
  29. Rajni Shah: Your presence makes a difference. We look forward to sharing your wisdom in our next meetings.
  30. Gaurav: Gaurav of FOY;  present, there and ready to extend help when most needed.
  31. Biju:   FOY need people like you, simple, humble and committed.
  32. O. N. Kutty: A family that stays together enjoys together.  The Kutty family.
  33. Javed:  Humble and bundle of energy
  34. George: Now you have shattered the ice and we look forward to more smashing deliveries.
  35. Nice: simple and a lot to share
  36. And talented, brilliant friends of FOY TM who have made a glittering difference in the life of FOY TM

wishing you all a very Happy and successful New year 2011

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