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When you closely observe; every Toastmasters club has an identity and the identity is the value to the participants that pulls them to participate in club meetings again and again.  Last month I have been visiting few clubs and observed a specific characteristic in their working.

Oasis Achiever Toastmasters club – Sept. 2006 : meets every alternate Wednesday in  Samaya Hotel in  Diera Dubai.  After the meeting the  members and guests take a group photograph that is posted on their site.   And this ritual is the hallmark of every meeting, clicks of fun, laughter and Déjà vu .  Last meeting had an audience of over 34. “Oasis Members clicks together, grow and develop together”

Lagoon Toastmasters club – Feb. 2002: meets every alternate Mondays in Rayan  Hotel in Sharjah.  Members assemble around 30 minutes prior to the meeting and this time is utilized for Table topics practice.  “Members that practice together”

Friends of Yoga club – Sept. 2006: meets every Friday morning from 8:00am through 9:30am.  And have seen this club grow from holding meetings in a public garden and participation of around 12/15 toastmasters growing to 25 – 35 members participation in every meeting & now meetings are held at a clinic. What made the difference ?  It is the members who made the difference – members like Dr. Shankar, Abdul Rehman and off course YOU the members of FOY.  “FOY members strive together, dream together and reach the heights together”

ESCF Toastmasters club – Jan. 2007:  meets every alternate Friday from 4:00pm through 6:00pm in Kanoo training hall – Dubai.   The club was set up as an extension and value add to the ESCF – Emirates Supply Chain forum.  However due to the uncertain times the membership dropped to a handful.  But with a committed team it has once again got up and now reflecting a strong membership graph.   This is a perfect example of TEAM WORK…….a ESCF TEAM:  “Together everyone achieves more”.    and also go on

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