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Round  Robin Session is a warm up session to create energy in the Toastmasters meetings and also provide speaking opportunity to every member and guest in the audience.  Having said that the energy and enthusiasm in the round robin session sets  the tone for the subsequent sessions.  Hence it is imperative that maximum participation and energy is created in the round robin session.

Sept. 2, 2010 Friday morning – Friends of Yoga Club, I enjoyed the Round Robin session wherein the session was converted into two debate sessions by MTM Aseem, one at the beginning of the meeting and the other towards the curtain fall.  The audience were divided into four teams, two teams for each debate.

It served multiple objectives;  Round Robin, Table Topics, Debate, Evaluation all in one and finally the objective was achieved to create interest, energy and participation during the meeting.  The meeting was a success because…… people stayed back to discuss.

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