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Albert Einstein once remarked “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”  Hence if we continue to do the same activities in the TM club how do you ensure that your club becomes the number one choice for the guests.

Having said that every Toastmasters club has three main challenges

  1. How to attract members to participate in the club activities?
  2. How to attract new members to join your club?
  3. And finally how to achieve point # 1 and point #2 round the year?

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This afternoon I was attending Area level contest and while watching the contestants perform, a question popped up in my mind;  How can you short circuit to instant FAME in Toastmasters.  And rewinding back to over a decade old experience in Toastmasters, three tips surfaced in my mind …

  1. Participate in Table Topic session: This is the most dreaded part of Toastmasters club meeting wherein even the veterans are reluctant to risk stage time.  Whereas you  must risk attempting Table topics again, again and again and sooner you will find a winning edge in the impromptu public speaking.  There are two benefits of Table topic, firstly you kill your fear of stage fear and secondly you are the new star to dare Table topics.  I call this section License to ATTENTION because Table topic speaker attracts legitimate audience awe.  Remember the English Proverb “NO RISK NO GAIN.”
  2. Become an Excom member: Whenever the opportunity arises volunteer your name for the Excom committee.  This gives you the legitimate power to connect with your club members and also communicate with Toastmasters outside the club.  And with the help of Social media this can give you instant visibility.  I call this tip as License to COMMUNICATE because you are expected to email or post to communicate vital decisions.
  3. Come forward: At every toastmasters meeting, take the initiative to introduce yourself to other Toastmasters.  And sooner you will find this as your niche to make new friends out of strangers, within Toastmasters and outside toastmaster community.  I call this as License to CONNECT because you are taking the pain to introduce and connect.

Someone wisely said OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND”  and the three tips err THREE LICENSES fixes you UP in Toastmasters mind.  And sooner you will find your fame on the trajectory;  always in mind for important objectives in Toastmasters.


A tall tale is a story with unbelievable elements and Toastmasters Clubs across Division – F decided to send in their winners to  Division – F  “Tall Tale contest”  to indulge in fantasy, dreams and aspirations.  However tall they were, the intent was to entertain the audience.  And stretch their brain muscles with stretched stories.    Watch the part – 1 of the Tall Tale contest held at Dubai Knowledge Village on Sept. 28, 2012 .

There were “14” contestants and am publishing first three contestants this morning; the next 6 would be posted tomorrow morning and balance the day after.  Enjoy watching..



Humorous contest are a treat for the body, mind and soul. Simply not because they create laughter but they raise your mood and also reflect powerful learning in simple mirth. Enjoy and watch Division – Humourous contestants in action.

“Power of Edge” @ Dreams Toastmasters club 100th meeting – April 7, 2012




The humor technique used in this speech is mainly “self deprecating humor” – making fun of yourself.  In this speech it is about my height. 

Putting yourself down  brings laughter up! One humor technique that almost always works, both in conversation and on stage, is self-deprecating humor–making fun of yourself.  Even straight-laced Al Gore, at the beginning of the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” used self-deprecating humor when he came on stage and said, “Hello, my name is Al Gore, and I used to be the next president of the United States.”.

The main benefits of self deprecating humor are: It makes you more approachable–you seem less threatening or intimidating. The other person may even get the satisfaction of feeling a little superior. It makes you seem modest, likable and confident. It diffuses tension. It makes people laugh and people love to laugh.

Also a lot of personal stories are used, especially the train journey’s which are actual incidents narrated with a little bit of exaggeration.  The exaggeration makes the incidents funny.


Digerati Toastmasters Club,  a “DTM”  club held its 15th meeting at Traders Hotel on Friday 23rd of September 2011.  The theme of the day was          “The Art of Saying NO”

What did the 15th meeting reflect?

  1. Strong, passionate participation by the members.
  2. Brilliant pre and during meeting performance by the TMOD 
  3. “4” project speakers.
  4. Creative Table topics attempted by prolific Table Topic speakers.
  5. An educational session by Division governor DTM Balaji
  6. A special Trophy for the best role play and the 1st recipient of the maiden trophy was to DTM Balaji for the educational session.

WATCH AND ENJOY the sneak view of the meeting….

You may ask what is special about this meeting of Sept. 9, 2011.  My answers would be many among the following

  1.  This is 9 meeting short of 100th meeting.
  2.  TMOD Tirupathi Rao was attempting the role play for the first time and delivering a sparkling performance.
  3.  Meeting from A to Z  was a medley of words starting with President’s address by acting President TM Ramesh
  4.  Table Topics by TM Raman with books as gifts for every speaker.  There were four speakers including one guest.
  5.  Three veterans Table topics speakers including two DTM’s
  6.  A member leaving Dubai to join his family an emotion filled occasion.
  7.  Two cake cutting ceremonies.
  8.  And all compartmentalized into two and half hour session.
  9.  And foremost an Educational Session by the Birthday Lady, a veteran Toastmaster of six years, a gem by heart who has worked towards providing Kanoo Hak conference room available FOC for numerous Toastmasters meetings; watch her deliver an Educational session.  Watch DTM Usha Udayshankar share her wisdom on getting members for the club.

This is snap shot of joint meeting of TGIS  and Karama Toastmasters Club on Augsut 27, 2011.









An educational Sessions was conducted by DTM Royston Fernandes on August 27, 2011 at the joint Toastmasters Meeting for TGIS Club and Karama Toastmasters club in Dubai 



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