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Few clubs succeed in  responding to dwindling membership and participation.     And fewer dare to plan for marathon project speeches.    ESCF Toastmasters masters club achieved the double star when they  succeeded with the two milestones.  The 71st meeting on Friday Oct. 22, 2010  theme “Go for it”  constituted speeches, marathon Table topics session, grammarian and others.

Toastmasters is  “THE PLATFORM” wherein speakers can reveal within  without sounding egoist.     However overly remarkable point is – the icebreaker speeches that are the channel to reduce the proximity between the speaker and the audience.   The ice breakers speaker for the day,  a Doctor by profession  shared her passion to help others.

The meeting was painted by two stalwarts performers;   TMOD by double DTM Royston Fernandes and General evaluation by  DTM Usha Udayshankar setting the pace.   However the remarkable point of the meeting was the winner of the table topic session…. “ the table topic master herself” ; I will let you unravel the mystery.

The ESCF team has travelled a long way and currently on the highway.    Now the question for ESCF is…….. how do you pace the pace

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One Response to “ESCF toastmasters meeting”

  • Alok:

    ESCF will follow the pace which is already set and ensure that current members and people who will join us in days to come, will get maximum support and benefit out of toastmasters.

    Thank you for your generous support as always.

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