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EnglishThis morning I messaged Vinod Mattamel to forward me Dreams Toastmasters club meeting agenda.  And he responded I am emailing it you followed by the message “You would like to do a special role?  Or a creative Word Master? What you would like to do?? Or a creative Listener???”

He had responded like a professional; he emailed me the agenda but triggered my curiosity.  I was planning to attend half meeting but ended up attending the full meeting.  I had the role play of Ah counter and listen master wherein the theme of the day wasBACK TO SCHOOL” and word of the day was TUTELAGE.   During the course of the meeting I realized I was falling back on my role play so decided to share my tutelage in English language instead.  And here follows my tutelage.

I had done my schooling in Hindi Medium School till 6th standard and in the 7th standard I took up admission in DPS – Mathura Road – New Delhi an English   medium school.  My Hindi was more powerful than English language hence suffered during the early days.

During a chance conversation with Rishikesh Roy – a hosteller; I was given to understand that Roy improved his English speaking skills by practicing reading English literature. 

  1. Inspired by Roy I began reading English literature to bring up my balance between Hindi and English.  I began to catch up on English language.  Language had improved but speaking was still a challenge.
  2. Lesson# 2: I began reading aloud English literature for 15 – 20 minutes a day to build up my English speaking muscles.  And sooner I was getting comfortable in English verbose.
  3. Lesson # 3:   During my University days and a chance conversation with one of the DJ friend.  I was told that he would practice tongue twister before going live on radio.  That was an inspiration for me to create rule of 7-8-9.  That is I chose 7 tongue twisters and would repeat one tongue twister for 8 minutes a day.  And in next 7 days I would complete the set of 7 tongue twisters and the subsequent two days I would practice the complete medley of 7 tongue twisters.  This helped strengthen my English language muscle and dull the Punjabi accent.
  4. Lesson # 4: Reading continued and now I was reading best sellers and would note down good phrases to use it in my conversation.   This helped during my singleton days.  Rather this habit of picking up good use of language also stretched into Hollywood movies.  Whenever I spotted good usage in movies I would note it down to use and reuse.
  5. Lesson # 5: I was gifted a book “ 30 days vocabulary” that developed my taste in learning new words. I still have that book and have read it many times wherein every time a different word attracts my attention.  Some of the early words were Vegetate, Gormandize and Vicarious.
  6. Lesson # 6: Advent of internet, I began noting down English words and tracing the correct pronunciation on the online audio dictionary.  And I still practice and use online audio dictionary.
  7. Lesson # 7: Couple of years early I began my journey into writing blog post and when I look back my writing skills have progressed.  When I started blogging I would take 10 words to express a thought now I could cut it down to 5/6 words to create a better impact. 

Dear readers you can use the 7 tips to build up your language skills be it English, French or Arabic.  And I  am moving ahead with blogging my 7 points tutelage lest I forget the lessons.  

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One Response to “Find out how did I build my English Language Skills”

  • Margy Sneeden:

    This was an excellent blog – as always. I have forwarded the link to Aziz Rehman of Manama, Bahrain who is a new Toastmaster. He is battling with his English and I felt this would be hugely helpful to him. I have encouraged him to follow your blog.

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