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What we witnessed at the FOY club contest on Friday – 21, January 2011 was a multi-starrer block buster release.   It reminded me of “Slum dog Millionaire” that came as an underdog and went on to win 8 Oscars in 2009.  There was no single performer but a galaxy of performers who went on to make this epic an Oscar winner.    Similarly the FOY team went on to make the contest worthy of an Oscar.


In true Toastmasters spirit, I would like to share what went well and what can be improved upon.  The contest was held at @ Twin Tower {Rolex Building}, Deira; a venue arranged by the FOY toastmasters member.   A great  venue with all the necessary facilities to hold the event.

The four contests were well participated in and we had 8 International speech contestants,  4 humors speech contestants and the largest participation for evaluation and table topic contest.   This reflects the enthusiasm among the members which is seen in level 3 tribe as explained in the famous book Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright

There was a houseful audience to applaud and support the contestants.  The panel of judges and contest chair helped to make a tough decision by selecting winners and conducting the session in the best format.

Having said that, in Toastmasters we believe in evaluations that reflect encouragement and areas that could be improved on.   It was a challenge to find areas for improvements but I on lighter note felt that every club must rise to level 4 or level 5 as described by “Tribal Leadership” and in  this context felt that two areas could have been improved on. I.e.

Delegation: By delegation I mean setting a team of SAA to assist & guide.  The objective is to ensure that everyone feels involved and every SAA has a one job to do wherein he can focus his energy to excel.

Awareness : Creating awareness among the role players and audience: how, where, when and what will happen at the contest.  This could be achieved by circulating the do and don’ts to the role players and also putting it on a notice board created for the event. Objective is to create a smooth flow of activities as per the time table and proceeding wherein the proceedings seem like a perfectly choreographed stage show; worthy of an Oscar.

The above two are easier said than actioned.  But in Toastmasters we always work on little improvements.  And little drops make an ocean.

This event brought out the hidden talent among the participants that caught audience and even the performers by surprise.   And it reflected one lesson only –  “You  re-invent yourself when you step outside of your comfort zone”. In conclusion, how could I miss the weather man and those delicious snacks?   Surprisingly Dubai experienced it’s first and perhaps  only good rain of the year on the day of the contest.  And hot drinks along with hot snacks said “FOY family is a big happy family”

Enjoy reading and commenting….

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