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Running a full house in Toastmasters Club has become challenge but with right strategy and best practices you can run a successful Toastmasters club creating value and experience for the members.  I am sharing “5” tips on getting the house full at Toastmasters club.

  1. Maintain records: Maintain records for the members to review at the meeting hall.
    1. Attendance register
    2. Role players list for the past meeting and role players list for the future four meetings.
    3. Minutes of the meetings
  2. Recognition:  Recognize member’s achievements [Toastmasters, Professional and Personnel Achievements] and their special days during the meeting.
  3. Invite the key influencers:   If you want to get a gathering of 50 people it’s not important that that you talk to 100 people and invite them to your club.   Identify key “10” key influencers who have a serious larger circle of influence, to influence serious “50” other members.  Give them the reasons why they should take up role play in your club or how their participation will help them.  Then use their Klout to get houseful. Event managers are familiar with this methodology, hence they use this methodology effectively by getting key influencers to participate and attract the larger audience for events.
  4. Phone: It’s important to keep in touch with your members and likely prospect through email, social media but periodically pick up the phone and call.  The good old way of talking to key members helps to retain participation and increase membershipThis has many fold advantage such as
    1. Get verbal commitment to attend and participate.
    2. Make members feel important and special
    3. Get members feedback
    4. Proactively address any (-ve) feedback and concerns.
  5. Toastmasters Process: Getting members to attend and participate regularly in the club meeting is a science.  And with religious practice of process defined by the Toastmasters helps to achieve the objective.  Hence read, practice and conduct educational session on increasing participation and getting new members.

Enjoy practicing and reading………

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4 Responses to “How to get a house full in your Club ?”

  • Gurbinder Punn:

    Dear Vinod. Excellent article. I am sharing with my Club Officers at SBAG Toastmasters, Muscat. Thanks

  • javeed khan:

    Very well pointed out the needs to do’s than the don’ts… certainly a treat to read this post and if followed the results would surely be positive.
    thanks for reinforcing it positively.

    the need of the time…

  • Thanks Vinod for taking the time to write this. I don’t enjoy the phone, so I needed this encouragement to pick up the phone and phone our members. If I phone 2 or 3 members a week then I can get through the membership. I enjoy our world of email and Facebook communication and could well throw away my phone if it were possible, which it is not. Margy

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