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This afternoon I was attending Area level contest and while watching the contestants perform, a question popped up in my mind;  How can you short circuit to instant FAME in Toastmasters.  And rewinding back to over a decade old experience in Toastmasters, three tips surfaced in my mind …

  1. Participate in Table Topic session: This is the most dreaded part of Toastmasters club meeting wherein even the veterans are reluctant to risk stage time.  Whereas you  must risk attempting Table topics again, again and again and sooner you will find a winning edge in the impromptu public speaking.  There are two benefits of Table topic, firstly you kill your fear of stage fear and secondly you are the new star to dare Table topics.  I call this section License to ATTENTION because Table topic speaker attracts legitimate audience awe.  Remember the English Proverb “NO RISK NO GAIN.”
  2. Become an Excom member: Whenever the opportunity arises volunteer your name for the Excom committee.  This gives you the legitimate power to connect with your club members and also communicate with Toastmasters outside the club.  And with the help of Social media this can give you instant visibility.  I call this tip as License to COMMUNICATE because you are expected to email or post to communicate vital decisions.
  3. Come forward: At every toastmasters meeting, take the initiative to introduce yourself to other Toastmasters.  And sooner you will find this as your niche to make new friends out of strangers, within Toastmasters and outside toastmaster community.  I call this as License to CONNECT because you are taking the pain to introduce and connect.

Someone wisely said OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND”  and the three tips err THREE LICENSES fixes you UP in Toastmasters mind.  And sooner you will find your fame on the trajectory;  always in mind for important objectives in Toastmasters.


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