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marathonIt’s good to feel stupid sometimes and do things that are out of your comfort zone”   said Mary-Louise Parker

Inspired by the quote, I resolved to participate in maximum number of Toastmasters meetings in a day.  And observe my emotions.   Finally I succeeded in my mission.

  1. Four Club meetings in a day
  2. 8 Roles in four club meetings including 3x Education session on two different topics, 1x General Evaluation, 2x Evaluations and 2 Table Topics ( Table Topics is the easiest to duplicate since you can volunteer)

How did I manage; well that is not the objective of the post.  But how did I feel Before, During and After is objective of the post.

BEFORE:  No matter how prepared you are, your mind spins into an anxiety mode especially when you begin imagining further lineup of  role plays till 9:00 in the evening.  Probably this feeling creeps in due to four different sets of audience.  You move into stress mode in your thought process; your facial expressions and enthusiasm go for a toss.  Another challenge is to rush and be on time for the next club meeting; when you begin cursing the traffic and non-availability of parking space.

DURING: The mind is cluttered in the following meeting role plays and your performance goes the downward trajectory.  You look for external motivations to pep you up.   During performance your  facial expressions and enthusiasms goes for a toss especially when you disconnect with your audience.  And this state is carried along to your next role play.  The last performance is probably the most contented performance because there is no cause to rush but go home and hit the bed.

AFTER: You feel lighter as if a big load has been lifted of your body.  And it’s a physical manifestation. On the flip side the mind begins questioning; why did your performance drop; did you do injustice to the audience delivering mediocre performance and you begin developing a headache?

Well if you question me; Would you repeat this experiment?  My response would be “NO”; focus and deliver A+ class performance.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…  Is one of the profound quote but not at the expense of the quality of your performance?

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