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energyLast week I participated in Oasis Achievers Toastmasters Club meeting.  The meeting started @ 8:00pm and the hall was full.  President delivered the message and TMOD took over the mantle. But there was something different in the ambience, audience were fired up.  What was happening? 

How come a Toastmasters Club is over flowing with participants whereas the next door Toastmasters club is gasping for the participants?  This question always comes up in participants mind.   So what is the secret ?  I would say there is one word that separates the two clubs and that word is ENERGY.   Energy differentiates the participation between the two clubs. The energy defines the quality of meetings and participation during the meetings. Now your next questions would be, how do you create energy in the club meetings?  I would share my OPINION on the subject. 

  1. WELCOME: Make your guests feel SUPER welcome, super important.  Do that with your members as well and the way to do so is come with an attitude of learning and sharing.  Club could give a theme to the networking time and to do so a senior member can share his thoughts on how to make best use of the NEWTORKING time..
  2. SAA CALL TO ORDER: Well begun is half done: During the opening session SAA at Dunes TM Club presented a creative slides for what he wanted to  share on the meeting hygiene factors.  Energy level is moving up.
  3. PRESIDENT: Personalize your message and deliver it with passion.  Recognize achievements of members outside and inside the club meetings.  Recognize special milestones.  This will raise the energy level.  Remember well begun is half done.
  4. TMOD:  Now comes the TMOD, Tip is be-different. Standard meetings progress in a routine format wherein audience switch off and go on auto pilot.  What if there is twist – a new role play, a different way to introduce the word of the day or the round robin session?  The energy level shoots up.
  5. PREPARATION: When role players believe in giving value to the audience they will practice and deliver value.  Because audience knows when it’s prepared delivery and when it isn’t.  Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
  6. GIVE THEM TOOLS: At Digerati TM Club audiences carry LIKE flags and they raise it when they enjoy delivery and or the act.  Energy level is touching the ceiling.
  7. If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking. Said George S Patton  hence ensure there is a balance of speakers such as Strong, passionate, Story teller, ice breakers and speaking to inform.  Show your audience a thriller filled with twists and turns.
  8. GUESTS: Invite maximum guests rather let every two members bring in a guest.  Guest are the sign post of growth and  somehow they contribute towards raising the  meeting energy.
  9. BALANCED MEETINGS: Build up a balance in the meeting participation & role players i.e 50% /50% male and female.
  10. ROLE PLAYERS:  Begin the meeting strong.  Brilliant new word introduced with ingenuity.   Round robin with a twist and Table topics that arouse curiosity.
  1. THEME MEETINGS:  Create theme meetings with special purpose. (joint meetings with other clubs, special theme – back to school, vacation time, Old is gold and so on) Debates and inviting distinguished people from outside for special motivational speeches, and publicizing among other Clubs.
  2. NEW ROLE PLAYERS: Introduce new role plays – Listening post, Joke master – use your creativity and finally announce raffle draws for the participants.  Rewards the best role players with prizes and certificates.  Make them feel important.

And finally be BE HONEST: Every role play when delivering his pitch must ask himself;   If he was to listen to the delivery, will he feel EXCITED and if the answer is YES go ahead and deliver ENERGY

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2 Responses to “Simple yet Effective tips to Create Energy in Club meetings”

  • Pat:

    Loved this article. However, don’t know what you mean by round robin? Can you explain that to me as it sounds good.
    Thanks, Pat

    • Vinod Mehra:

      Hi Pat
      Round Robin session is wherein every participant is expected to speak for 15 sec – 20 seconds and he/she begins with the last word uttered by the previous speaker. This is a warm up session and continues in circle till the last speaker has spoken. TMOD can take the liberty to decide topic and time based on the meeting milestone.

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