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Past International President Helen Blanchard once said “If you get out of Toastmasters all that there is to get out of Toastmasters, you will never get out of the Toastmasters”

Toastmasters’ program is a brilliant program that has benefited millions of members across the globe.  It’s tailored to your lifestyle; progress as you want to progress.  Having said that I would like to share “8” tips on getting the most out of Toastmasters Program..

  1. Read your manuals: Read your manuals; your CC, CL and other manuals received as joining kit.  Underline and highlight content and draw your plan for the TM journey.
  2. Ask for a mentor: Request for a mentor, spend time to understand the program.  Craft your projects and get your mentor guidance to improve and practice.  For the senior members;  create Smart group of 2 to 4 mentors and meet periodically to discuss your progress and feedback.  And finally thank your mentor with a token of appreciation; coffee or a meal for every success.  Let your mentor feel rewarded and make this a valuable experience for him. [we know TM is a non-profit organization but human sentiments prevail]
  3. Order complete set of manuals: Toastmasters is a wonderful program; every manual is treasure house. Order a complete set of “15” manuals, HPL manuals and craft your journey.
  4. Audit your stage time: The more quality time on the lectern,  faster are the improvements.  Hence audit your time on the lectern and explore areas that will allow you more time on the lectern.  Maintain a log book.
  5. Feedback:  Request feedback from key members on your deliveries and every role play. Winners feed on feedback.
  6. Retain written feedback and pin it to the  respective project: Retain written feedback pinned to your project manuals and reference them often.
  7. Take up Excom role: Take up Excom role play specially President and Sergeant At Arms because they get time on the lectern in every meeting.  Or take up other role plays to connect and learn to run team.
  8. Connect: TM forum has members from dfferent professional domain; business men, doctors, sales people, CEO, Managers and others. Connect and grow your network.

In conclusion I would reiterate; time is a scare commodity but your clever choices can double the impact of your time.

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