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Toastmasters and Corporate

December 17, 2010 Division – B [District 79] conducted a club officers training and subsequently a few of the district leaders discussed the challenges faced by the Clubs. If I may put them in four bullet points, they are;

–       Getting new members

–          Forming new clubs

–          Declining memberships

–          Members participation in the club meeting

There could be many solutions to the above challenges but while sitting on my computer the day after, I realized that corporates face similar challenges but disguised in management jargons……………

–          Customer acquisition

–          Up sell in the customer’s account

–          Employee retention

–          Employee engagement

My objective for making a comparison is that it’s an opportunity for Toastmasters to study successful corporates [Google – why employees prefer office’s to homes & Google 20% time, SAS – their 13th time in the list of the 100 best companies to work for, Zappos – why offer tours, 1-day training and a 2-day culture boot camps for visitors, Qualcomm, NetApp and others]  and emulate those tactics in Toastmasters.

Enjoy Reading……………

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