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In my earlier blog I said every Club is a book, I would paraphrase it and reiterate that every club is a chapter in the Toastmasters Thesaurus.  And Inneruniverse Toastmasters club is an inspiring and complement chapter replete with fun, education and  camaraderie.

The wisdom says that family that dines together stays together.  And Inneruniverse Toastmasters is one such family that dines together after the meeting.  And I was impressed that members do stay together for every meeting held fortnightly.

Another striking quality of Inneruniverse TM club is a balance of male and female membership “a sure sign of exciting meetings and a family ambience.”

Finally Bhaskar – TMOD – introduced me to using Tablet instead of cue cards because “Change is Progress.”

Enjoy watching the Inneruniverse family in action……..

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