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September 2009, a friend forwarded me this article from John Maxwell Book “Talent is never enough”, a profound statement that lifts me up and so anyone reading this page.  Because all of you have some of these riches and few of you have all of these riches within you.

* Belief lifts your talent: Lack of belief in yourself can act as a ceiling on talent.

* Passion energizes your talent: A passionate person with limited talent will outperform a passive person who possesses greater talent.

* Initiative activates your talent: Socrates said, “To move the world we must first move ourselves.”

* Focus directs your talent: Attempting everything, like attempting nothing will suck the life out of you.

* Preparation positions your talent: Becoming more intentional. You can claim to be surprised once; after that, you’re unprepared.

* Practice sharpens your talent: Practice demands discipline and embracing change.

* Perseverance sustains your talent: People who display perseverance keep a larger vision in mind as they toil away at their craft or profession.

* Courage tests your talent: As we develop our talent and grow to our potential we will be tested continually. Courage is an everyday virtue.

* Teachability expands your talent: Teachability is not so much about competence and mental capacity as it is about attitude. It is the desire to listen, learn, and apply. Talented people can be the toughest to teach because they often think they know it all. It’s a problem of pride.

* Character protects your talent: People cannot climb beyond the limitations of their character. Talented people are sometimes tempted to take shortcuts. Character prevents that.

* Relationships influence your talent: Life is too short to spend it with people who pull you in the wrong direction. And it’s too short not to invest in others. Your relationships will define you.

* Responsibility strengthens your talent: Responsibility not only improves your life, but also will improve the life of those around you.

* Teamwork multiplies your talent: Teamwork divides the effort and multiples the effect.

I keep these riches  besides me because whenever I am feeling high or low; I look down &  read the  “13” scriptures that lifts me higher.

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