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Many a time I come across Project speeches wherein speaker has put in scant regard to choosing an appropriate title or have conveniently not titled the speech.  How important is it to title your speech or not at all ?

I believe that speeches without title are like moving out, half dressed wherein you may be noticed but for the wrong reasons.

Going back into the past I still remember the title “The Rock” speech delivered by DTM Lakhi Sawlani wherein Rock reflected his father.  I still remember the title and can recall the speech.  I still remember the title  “Snakes and Ladders”  a speech delivered by TM Sridhar  wherein “snakes and ladders’ reflected ups and downs in our lives.  I still remember the title “The invisible string” a speech delivered by TM Loy wherein the “The Invisible String”  reflected the bond between the parent and the child.   This is the power of appropriate  title be it for your speech or in your professional world, TITLE makes the difference.

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