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Last week I attended two club meetings at Al Futtaim Training center and   I wondered what made  the difference between the two  meetings?

  • Why is one meeting so vibrant and the other not so?
  • Why one meeting has two speakers whereas the other has four and more?
  • Ask yourself  Why, why and why ?

Club  meets at the same venue, have similar refreshments; they meet on and for the same time period and also have the same program format.  Then what made the difference?

I believe this filters down to one thing and that is you…  “ member.”    It is the members who make the difference, positive or otherwise.    When you attend a club meeting  give your 100% and your 100% is your 100% preparation,  irrespective of the role play.  And I promise you a 200% return and that will make the difference.

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How do you react when the club participation drops?   I suppose there are two things you can do, # 1 is to cry, complain and curse.    And 2nd thing you can do is strive to make the club attractive because people are attracted to attractive people, attractive events  and attractive places.

When Division – J, District – 79 felt that they need a boost in Toastmasters activities participation, they adopted the 2nd principal and organized a Debate contest among the clubs.  It created a flutter in the club activities and participation.  As a TM standing on the platform on the day of train departure, I could see  Toastmasters getting on the train and creating a buzz.  The train was full and when the journey ended, the Facebook and the email boxes were full too with recognition, congratulations and accolades to the winner and participants.

A great job well done Division – J; District 79 Toastmasters for becoming more attractive.

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