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Sharjah Toastmasters Humorous speech club contest was held on Dec. 21, 2011.  The contest reflected energy ,passion and the desire to stretch and strut.

  1. The participation in the humours contest was 100% more than the standard club meetings.  Why ? I cannot comprehend the reason, still looking for the motivation.
  2. There were 9 humorous contestants and many to applaud their endeavors.
  3. The contest participation was overwhelming and contestants flexed their humour muscle stepping out of their comfort zone.
  4.  The deliveries had creative topics and am sharing the “9” titles.

i)     Kaleidoscope

ii)    Tom and Jerry

iii)   Seek leave, Sick leave

iv)   How and why TM came into my life

v)    Mr Perplex

vi)   Happily Married

vii)  Living with Time Bomb

viii) End of the beginning

ix)   Health & Time

My salute & hearty congratulations to the first time participants.

Enjoy watching contestants  sail through.

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