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Toastmasters are very creative and innovative people.  Creative because they had the courage to join Toastmasters and innovative because they have the courage to attempt project speech and participate in the club role play.

Having said that how many times have you felt, while driving to your office that you are on auto mode.  You may be driving at speed 120km/hr but never noticed the people nearby, cars with a huge dent passing by, the kids  standing at the   bus stop and mother carrying a toddler frantically waving at the bus.  You are in an “unconscious syndrome”.  This is what happens  in our club meetings when they become predictable, routine and expected unless the TMOD of the day introduces a twist.

I would like to share 21 twists and turns that you may introduce in the club meetings to bring life into the meetings.

1.  Listening Post:   Audiences are asked questions after the project speeches based on the project speech content delivered.

2. Humour session: Jokes by the Toastmaster or sharing a funny or humorous incidence.

3. Ah counter: Ah counter counting the Ah and umhs and benchmarking progress with the last meetings or other club meetings.

4. Fine time: Putting a fine on participants for grammatical mistakes or using maximum Ahs and the money goes towards the tea  party.

5. Act  a Table topic: Table topic speaker plays dumb and enact the table topic.

6. Debate session: Replacing Table Topics session with the debate session.

7. Quiz session:  Arrange a short quiz on a given subject

8. Mandatory use of the word of the day: Every speaker is mandated to use word of the day twice or thrice and the toastmaster using for the maximum time gets  the prize.

9. Quotation of the day: Famous quote to go with the theme of the day.

10. Group evaluation: Speaker being evaluated by all present and one toastmaster chosen randomly  and assigned to speak.

11. Book review: Toastmasters reviews a best seller and share its learning.

12. Theme  meeting: Back to school; festival theme,  dress theme and others.

13.  Exchange: Gift exchange theme.  Every participant brings in a small gift that are collected and exchanged among the audience.

14. Celebration: Birthday or special occasion celebration and/or recognition.

15. Keynote speeches: Invite a dignitary to share his or her learning’s to inspire the audience.

16. Joint club meetings: Meetings of two clubs being held together for joint participation and synergy.

17.  Board game: Use a board game to select the speakers and table topic speakers.

18. Mime: Give your table topics speakers  2 or 3 alphabets to express their opinion on a given scenario using only those 2/3 alphabets.

19. Movie act: Act a scene from  a movie.

20. Reverse meetings:  Conduct a reverse meeting.  However train every role play for the reverse meeting to add humour and twists.

21.  Creativity:  Are your ideas for the meetings ?

We learn best when we have fun and toastmasters meetings are the best when every role play practices the role before the performance.   Similarly there are many twists and turns that you can bring in to spice up the meetings and “the count of  21” can go up and up and up wherein your imagination has no limits……… Its “Limits unlimited”

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