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TrophiesLast Friday Dec. 4, 2015 I attended District 20, Division J – Debate contest.  Around 21 Clubs participated competed and enjoyed.  Like every event, this event reflected semblance of tranquility as if event organization was a cake walk.  But like any other event it had its ups and down but dexterity of organizer did not show the dark shadows of hardships.

Every event has five Pillars i.e

  • Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Organization
  • Execution and
  • Feedback

PLANNING: This Pillar is the foundation of an event that constitutes conceptualizing the event framework. Such as

  1. What is the event
  2. who will participate
  3. where will it be held
  4. when will it be held
  5. Defining Roles and responsibilities
  6. Defining time lines
  7. Who is the executive team members and back up team members
  8. Expenses and where to get funds
  9. Check the legal implication of conducting the event including emergency drill.
  10. Risk mitigation and backup plan. ( What if Judges drop out, a team drops out, out of the box protest, internal friction and disagreements and so on – Nominate someone who can address risks)

Rather Planning is thinking and putting the plan on paper for litmus test.  If planning is right the subsequent steps becomes easier to perform.  And if planning has gaps it could result in sinking boat or last minute runs that eventually shoots up your stress level.  Hence spend  2 – 4 days on planning and run it through the key stake holder.

TEAMWORK:  This is the second Pillar, when you bring together the team heads.

  1. Give your executive team the overview and share your vision
  2. Define roles and responsibilities
  3. Define time lines
  4. Give them a free hand to organize their team members and achieve results
  5. Request for their feedback on planning and how it can be executed better in a more efficient manner.
  6. Invite fresh and young blood into the team to add variety and spice.
  7. Having said that meet with them periodically to review the progress
  8. Teamwork is an opportunity for a leader to test out his leadership skills through effective delegation. Rather once planning is done, subsequent activity of a leader should be to give free rein to the team members and to track periodic progress on periodicity.

ORGANIZATION: This involves getting the ball rolling.

  1. Set up a communication systems among your team members
  2. Set up a communication system for audience and performers
  3. Get the team heads and team members under one roof and address them
  4. Organize and invite participation from audience, performers and executive team.
  5. Sharing events details
  6. Creating event awareness
  7. Organize permissions where required.
  8. This block ensure that you are equipped to deliver the plan on the event day

EXECUTION: This is WHERE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD. Execution is about ensuring things happen on time and as per your planned expectations.  And if you deliver within time and exceed expectations; you create a wow factor.  Be positive

FEEDBACK: Request feedback during the event and after the event from audience, participants and executive team members.  The objective is to see what could have been done better, efficient and at less cost/resource.

Good luck for your next event.

energyLast week I participated in Oasis Achievers Toastmasters Club meeting.  The meeting started @ 8:00pm and the hall was full.  President delivered the message and TMOD took over the mantle. But there was something different in the ambience, audience were fired up.  What was happening? 

How come a Toastmasters Club is over flowing with participants whereas the next door Toastmasters club is gasping for the participants?  This question always comes up in participants mind.   So what is the secret ?  I would say there is one word that separates the two clubs and that word is ENERGY.   Energy differentiates the participation between the two clubs. The energy defines the quality of meetings and participation during the meetings. Now your next questions would be, how do you create energy in the club meetings?  I would share my OPINION on the subject. 

  1. Read the rest of this entry »

The Toastmasters philosophy works on the premise, how best you can work as a team, how can you help others grow and make them look brilliant?

I remember attending the first few meetings of the newly chartered ESCF Toastmasters club.  The club had a phenomenal start, the membership was at its peak and the meetings were vibrant.  However, over the length of time and evolving global economic scenario the membership dropped, when I joined as a mentor.

A small team of never say die members were intent on keeping the spirit go. And this was a lesson for me. “No matter how bleak the scenario, how sad the situation, as long as you have a team to push and pull; the community survives and thrives.” ESCF Toastmasters club underwent the phase of surviving and subsequently thriving.  The team deserves the applause for believing in themselves.  And during the course of the rough patch the team gained valuable lessons, developing into a formidable team that has gained valuable wisdom to pay it forward.

TM Alok K Singh: A leader with an indomitable spirit and the quest to learn, apply and share.

TM Manoj Chingan: A hidden treasure.

TM R.K. Raman: Toastmaster who never seizes to amaze me.

TM Haniappa Abdul: You take up challenges with a toastmaster’s spirit.  He never says no to stage time.

MTM Aurabelle Dian: The smiling toastmaster with a quest to paint ESCF in pictures.

TM R.K Rao: Your love of language inspires your audience.

TM K. Ramesh: A gentleman, a learner and a friend who has the heart to touch the hearts of others.

TM Rathnakar Shetty: Treasure of talent and creativity.

TM N K Balaji: Always eager to absorb.

TM Mohd Ghani: A toastmaster conundrum; creative and practical.

TM Royston Fernandes: A leader and an inspiration for ESCF and the toastmaster’s community stretching from the GCC to Australia.

MTM Dr Mitra : Bundle of knowledge and wisdom on human psychology and behavior.

TM Tirupathi Rao Vaddi: A Story teller by heart who never seizes to amaze with twists and turns.

TM Sanjay: New B+ in the ESCF family.

MTM Gladys Dias: A Toastmaster with a spirit-full of life.

The formidable team of ESCF has crossed an important milestone and the boat has winds in its sail to reflect inspiration for others going through a rough patch.  And like Zig Ziglar said “If you want to succeed in life help enough people in life to succeed “.  Because team ESCF what you give away always comes back.



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