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25 Phrases to Guide you to Greatness in Speaking – Craig Valentine

Speak to one but look to all

• When you lift yourself up you let your audience down

• What gets recorded gets rewarded

• Don’t add humor to a speech; uncover humor within it

• What’s loose is lost

• When you squeeze your information in, you squeeze your audience out (this is an old speaker proverb).

• You master what you measure

• Conflict is the hook and Dialogue is the heart

• Put the process, not the person, on a pedestal

• The Foundational Phrase determines what stays

• To be a great speaker you must be a great tease

• Never come across as special; always come across as similar with a special process

• Never sell a product, always sell the result

• Let your old story lead to their new story

• Never end with the Q&A

• People remember best what they hear first and what they hear last

• Don’t tell; ask

• You can’t affect if they don’t reflect

• Become niche and famous (If you try to speak to everyone you will end up speaking to no one)

• A confused mind says no but a clear mind says go

• Give the visual before the verbal

• Give the look that goes with the line

• Reactions tell the story (Darren LaCroix)

• Too many speakers try to get across too much information in too little time

• Don’t speak for standing ovations, speak for standing invitations

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