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I had the privilege of attending a Youth Leadership Program on April 1st, 2011 – Friday and mind you this was no April Fool.   The program was organized and conducted by Dilip Jain, Ravi Warrier and Wilson among others.

I believe that when you want to recharge yourself , get new ideas, rub with the future;  the best route is to talk to children and this was the perfect opportunity to do so with not one but 20 children from  an age group ranging from 8 years to 14 years.  As you may notice they are shy to begin with but by the end of 7 day session they will be as prolific as any other speaker on the podium and with much fertile ideas.

On the flip side it is the initiative of the coordinator to come out of the comfort zone on Friday morning and conduct such sessions.  It’s a big responsibility and a challenge to ensure that children enjoy and are encouraged to excel.  Indeed a noble and humble gesture reflected by the coordinator.  Watch children in action in the Youth Leadership Program…….

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