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Last week had been a whirlwind of visiting various Toastmasters club meetings and would like to share few tips that I believe would enhance the performance of participants and experience of audience across the Toastmasters club.

  1. Create a mentor pool within Excom that should provide VERBAL feedback to TMOD.
  2. Create  a 30 minutes early time pocket for either Table Topics session ( Lagoon Toastmasters – Sharjah ) or utilize that time for effective networking with an objective.
  3. Use cue cards for the script and in the event you are using A4 size page script, stand behind the lectern. (A4 size script equals stand behind the lectern and cue cards equals face the audience direct)
  4. When making PowerPoint presentationTake control of your Notebook using wireless mouse and pointer.
    1. Avoid reading the content from the screen rather use the notebook display to read the content.  This serves two purposes; # 1 – you avoid showing your rear side to the audience and maintain the eye contact. # 2 – Your posture reflect confidence and preparation.
    2. Practice the usage of PowerPoint shortcuts such as use of B to blank out screen when using PowerPoint systems.
  5. Begin and end the meeting on time and if you are likely to exceed time; then without any hesitation cut down on role players.
  6. Save and reuse paper.  Print out 1 agenda for 4 participants.  And violate the rule when you sincerely have something to share and participants will sincerely like to take back the agenda copy as souvenir.
  7. In UAE Lagoon Toastmasters is the pioneer in initiating broadcast of club meetings on the net.  Budget and facility permitting;  this could be a good practice to publicize the club program.
  8. No sooner you induct a new member; give him the membership kit and allocate him a mentor.  Mentor must spend around 30 minutes before or after the meeting to explain the communication track.   For the first 3 meeting ensure that mentor calls up on mentee to attend the meeting and perform.

Continue performing and continuing growing in Toastmasters program.



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