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no showsThe attendance was 200%; participation was 100% and the Toastmasters club meeting was a super success.  Fast forward 6 months, attendance was 30%, participation?  …. 50% role play dropped out in the last 24 hours and the meeting ended on a somber note.

What went wrong?   Excom decided to call on the absentees and the following “7” reasons came up for no shows.

  1. Time: No time
  2. Place: Meeting place too far away from the office & residence
  3. Day: Meeting day is not convenient day
  4. Time: Meeting time is not convenient
  5. Priority: More pressing priority came up
  6. Learning: There is no learning in the club meeting
  7. Ambience: Don’t like the meeting ambience

Club “A” compiled the list of reasons and decided to focus on building NEW members.  The exercise is still continuing and results are disaster.

Club “B” decided to probe further and dig out the real reasons of no shows.  And they questioned the response further.  More number of times the real reason was not the obvious response i.e No time MEANT I have found a better activity to use my time ( I  did not understand the real value of TM Program.)   There is no learning in the club meeting MEANT poor quality of performances in the club due to non-preparation or on occasions it MEANT not getting enough opportunities to speak.   Don’t like the meeting ambience MEANT they did not connect with the members neither Excom made an attempt to connect with them.  And when the Excom critically evaluated the NEW found reasons for no shows; they came out with solution and connect with members.   The club initiated necessary changes.  Sooner the attendance shot up, quality of meeting shot up and so did the quality of participation. 

My message is TM is the most attractive program and every one of us wants to become ATTRACTIVE.  Hence question why are there NO SHOWS?



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