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Sharjah Cornish in UAE is one of the best places to take a morning stroll, not because it’s Cornish.  But simply because it has a walking strip and the greener patches around.  You can walk to your heart contentment and if you ever get tired you can rest on the greener patches or on the side benches.  And if you plan to engage in stretching exercise or Yoga, there is no better place than the green patches around.   Over all it’s a bargain deal.

My topic is not about Cornish; greener patches or morning walk.  But since the weather has improved in the past 10 days, the population of early morning walkers and joggers have increased exponentially and I believe it will improve further.   When during summer time we could spot 3 or 4 walkers distance away but now  you are practically rubbing shoulders.  You can spot young, old and kids. You can spot male and females.   

Why such increase in the number of joggers and walkers?   Is it now people are more aware of benefits of early morning walk?  Or people have more time?   None of the above, they were aware of the benefits and they have the same 24 hours.  The simple reason is that weather has improved, has become cooler and pleasant.  It has become enjoyable to walk.  You don’t sweat so much unlike the summer time.

What is the lesson Lesson is people are very much familiar with what is beneficial for them and what is not?   And they will exercise their choice where they experience more Comfort, Fun and EducationSo are your Toastmasters meeting experience is more Enjoyable and Fun?  Take a decision.


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