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Albert Einstein once remarked “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”  Hence if we continue to do the same activities in the TM club how do you ensure that your club becomes the number one choice for the guests.

Having said that every Toastmasters club has three main challenges

  1. How to attract members to participate in the club activities?
  2. How to attract new members to join your club?
  3. And finally how to achieve point # 1 and point #2 round the year?

Well in this blog post I would share my thoughts on point # 2 i.e how do you attract members to join your club and not the next door club.

Lesson # 1  Like attracts Like that means you will continue to attract guests who are like your club members.  Hence your club must continuously learn, adapt and change.  And when you do that you will continuously attract diversity of guests into members.

Lesson # 2: During every club meeting there are three role plays who get regular audience exposure and that is  SAA when he opens the meeting; President – when he  delivers the opening remarks and VP Education when he finalizes the next meeting role plays.  Other 4 Excom members are always in the background.  Please find ways to bring them foreground at every meeting.  Project your EXCOM as the happy and participative TEAM.

Lesson # 3:  Your efforts to recruit new members should be continuous; it should not begin and end during the first few weeks or later few weeks of the year.  Set yourself targets to induct one member every meeting.  Your guests must see the process of induction every meeting because like begets like.

Lesson # 4: Invite senior members from others clubs for General Evaluations and covet the feedback received.  26 meetings in a year; 26 different feedback would work wonders for your audience and your club.

Lesson # 5 : Be different; be your club and no more copies of other clubs. Find a niche and continue climbing the ladder of your niche.

Good luck and look forward to your vibrant club meeting.

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